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    The Tired Youth is a project we have started with artist and good friend, Gavin Livingston. It focuses on making all generations aware of the current issues our youth face including the stresses to find jobs in a world where they are becoming extinct, the inability to attend college due to lack of financial help and the debt that puts a strain on our ability to grow, live and progress. This is not an excuse, this is a movement. This is a salute to those of us staying up til 4 A.M. studying, working, stressing and sweating with little to nothing in return. Stay tuned vigilant ones. 

    I’m happy to publish this because there are way too many of us struggling with ever increasing college debt and trying to make a life for ourselves while in school as well as after graduation. We are dedicated, strong, hard-working twenty-somethings and we can and WILL make a difference in this world.

    An accurate description of my life right now.

  2. working on re-branding with original and great content… but until then here is my puppy dog (yes I am obsessed with my dogs)

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    I made a tool for spinning burning steel wool. It’s really simple, just a small cage made from chicken wire to hold the wool, and a piece of speaker wire tied to the cage. (that’s just what I had handy) This is my first night testing it out and it worked great. I’ve got a few places I want to try this. I made this image from two photos, one for the steal wool spin and another for the rest of the scene.